Does anybody have tabs of such songs as Ritual Dance or Bone Chaos in the Castle (or any other)? I told her about this awesome LJ community that you run and she was way excited about it.It would be much better if there is a final tapping part in RD, cause I didn't find it anywhere. hey hey y'all..anyone know the correct tuning for "yellowcake"? i probably tuned my guitar all wonky/incorrect, but i'd like to double check. I've been waiting for this CD for 11 years and it finally arrived. "Life Being What It Is" is King at his best, while "Open Mouth" is King even better than he usually is.

Her email is [email protected] you want to get in touch with her.

Anyway folks, I just wanted to let you all know about the new forum and site. Also, edmann, Ericka wanted to know if it was okay to use the stuff you've posted here on the new site.

The board also links back to this LJ community, because this place just rules.

But what IS open right now is the forum, which is located at The and is already seeing a fair amount of activity.

The site isn't open yet, but when it does, man oh man, is it going to be awesome!

: P Anyway, Ericka has started up a new site called When Kaki has her come up on stage to give news of her fan site, I think it's safe to say she's a pretty big Kaki fan.Rating: Happy Milkshake.........."It's a little known fact that I actually was a boy once! I won a big poker game with some sailors in Thailand and decided to blow my winnings on sexual reassignment surgery. Kind of like getting a tattoo, really, but like in 3D. Night After Sidewalk Everybody Loves You The Government Ingots Fortuna Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sunshine Lies (the supposed improved transcription)I'm not even expecting to be able to get all of these but if I do, I just might explode in a fit maniacal happiness. :) :o 3Contact the seeder at If the link to this show does not work, then it was probably removed forbeing non-trade-friendly. Anyway the darn thing fell off after about a week--I thought the stitches looked pretty shoddy from the get go--and I was returned my usual state. Sent by kaki king | PM ET | Original Review Hi Everyone, Check out the cover story on Kaki King in the latest issue of Blast Magazine! Description / text file:-------------------------Kaki King6/9/05Ironhorse Music Hall Northampton, MAsource: Soundcraft K2 (Matrix Outputs 3+4) .flac16recorded and mastered by Clinton Vadnais (cleantone hotmail com)*****do NOT sell this recording****do not circulate as lossy files*****disk one: 1. anywhere on the cover to access the article, and all the other great features that are in Blast this month. -The Blast Staff Would any one happen to know where I could download them? I attempted to do so in Kakster but the links had already expired.