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Bruno Barberis (President of the International Centre of Sindonology in Turin) , the late Dr.

Frederick Zugibe (Forensic Pathologist and President of the Centre for Religious Research Ftima and of ASSIST), Dr. S., which explains the purpose of the organization and the reason for the creation of the medal.John Jackson (Founder and President of STURP / Colorado Shroud Centre), Fernando Lagrifa Fernandes (Founder and President of the Centro Portugus de Sindonologia), Jos-Delfn Villalan-Blanco (Honorary President of the Centro Espaol de Sindonologia), Jorge-Manuel Rodriguez-Almenar (President of the Centro Espaol de Sindonologia) and Carlos Evaristo (President of the Real Lipsanotheca / Apostolate for Holy Relics). and the King Umberto II Holy Shroud Medal for us, along with a report on the award ceremony. He also sent a large selection of photographs, some of which I have included in the article, along with a number of links to You Tube videos of the conference and award ceremony, which I have included below and also added at the end of his article.Our lead story is news of the creation of a new international Shroud organization, F. Also included is an illustrated feature article on the recent public exhibition of the Tunic of Argenteuil, along with many new articles, papers and books, links to new videos, audios and websites and much more. Here is the Update Table of Contents: After nearly 40 years of involvement with Shroud research and education, I have gotten used to encountering the unexpected, but I was not prepared for the e-mail I received this past April from my dear friend Carlos Evaristo in Portugal. He went on to state that I had been chosen to receive one of the first eight medals for my participation on the STURP team, the creation of this website and the founding of STERA, Inc.Carlos, who works for the Royal House of Portugal in Fatima, is a world renown relic expert and the curator of the museum holding the largest collection of relics in the world, the Royal Lipsanotheca of Portugal. I have to admit that receiving a medal from the Royal Houses of Italy and Portugal was beyond anything I ever imagined.He wrote to inform me that the Royal Houses of Savoy (Italy) and Bragana (Portugal) had created a new organization named F. I was very surprised and deeply honored to be included!That is because Carlos also provided me with a list of the seven other recipients who would be receiving this prestigious award and I found that I was in amazingly good company, with such noted Shroud scholars as Prof.