Either way, nobody was hurt, but most were completely terrified, and I hope everybody is ok.The Video was taken on the Sundeck (Deck18) on the Norwegian Breakaway (NCL) on a 7 day round trip cruise from New York to Bermuda, at PM at St.

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Later, after the issue went viral on Reddit and on You Tube, HAL refunded the $600 and gave them a free dinner.

The video was apparently filmed by a passenger on the cruise ship last Friday, June 24th, and was posted to the You Tube page of Richard Ogle, with this description: "I have no idea what his intentions were, but I guarantee we all didn't like it.

Whoever was the pilot of the Falcon, was either a terrorist who was spying on us, marine training, or a dumbass rich dude who's showing off his new aircraft.

I don't know what the true answer is but I know that it wasn't normal and more than likely illegal for anything to be flying that close to a ship, especially 4 times in a row.

One of the few comments to the video suggests that the captain of the cruise ship may have announced that the incident involved "some type of military training operations" but there is no verification of this. The weapon was then found by another security guard on the .

The jet in question does not appear to be a military airplane, but otherwise this seems to be a scene right out of a : Answer to the mystery? The new 4,650 passenger and 1,500 crew member cruise ship arrived in Tianjin, China a few days ago. based cruise line announce such a ceremony in what was once called "communist China" reveals how much the times have changed in the world of cruising and how hard a U. Another Italian newspaper mentions a baby carrier that the gun may have been placed on.A reader posted on our Facebook page that a Bermuda newspaper says that that two military jets have been flying low altitude circuits over Bermuda this evening [June 24] and mentioned "low flying French Air Force Falcon aircraft.” There is apparently a dispute whether the low level flights were authorized by the Department of Civil Aviation in Bermuda. The christening was presided over by the first Chinese godmother, Fan Bingbing, who is a Chinese actress, television producer and pop singer who first reached fame via the Chinese television series Royal Caribbean plans to base the massive cruise ship in Sydney starting in mid-December 2016. In any event, a security guard on the cruise ship handled the gun when it unexpectedly discharged.A couple on a cruise spent a little extra for the proverbial room-with-a-view only to find that HAL had a little surprise - it didn't tell them beforehand about a crew member using a grinding tool outside their cabin's window.The You Tube caption says: "Thanks for telling us when you upcharged us 0 extra for the window guys." There are over a thousand comments to the video on Nate Zemanek's You Tube page.Video Credit: Nate Zemanek Hat Tip: Nine News Australia : Seems that the couple were on their honeymoon.According to UPROXX, when they complained, HAL didn't seem to care and told them that the maintenance work on the lifeboats would continue, from 9-5 daily, for the rest of the cruise.