It was a great reminder that if I am not lovingly consistent, faithful, and present, my words to my daughter will suffer the same fate.Several weeks ago, my wife sent me a video text of my daughter. She said, “Hello Daddy, welcome to my future.” After I got over the initial heart attack, I thought about her relationships with boys. The greater I model the right things to her, the deeper my words will sink into her heart.I want her to be in relationships with boys that treat her well.

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The people we surround ourselves with influence our attitudes.[Tweet This] When we spend time with positive people, we are more positive. Does he spend time with boys that treat girls with honor or respect? You can get an idea if he is humble or arrogant, thoughtful or brash.

Are they the types of friends that will help make him sharper and more decent? When he spends time dismissing the authorities in his life, it could be a sign that he is closed off to the advice of others. If his words have a sting to them, there is probably bitterness and anger that hasn’t been dealt with. Reputations are normally built from the consistent actions of one’s past.

Will they challenge him when he is in the wrong or making bad decisions? Whatever is most true about a person eventually comes to the surface, mainly through our words. They don’t always convey the true story and a person can certainly change. A person with a good community standing may have earned it or could be just putting on a good face. This shows his inner strength and whether or not he can be counted on.

is about a former major league baseball player and struggling alcoholic named Calvin. His daughter, Katie, is consistently disappointed with him because he is more concerned with drinking with his buddies than being there for her.

This causes her to turn to her boyfriend for the support she is missing in her dad.

Even in his negligence, Calvin sees that the boy his daughter is dating is bad news.When he tries to warn her, even forbid her from seeing him, his words fall on deaf ears.With that said, here are my words of wisdom to my daughter about boys.Sibling relationships bring out a person’s true colors.They are forced to relate to one another and the different personalities. You will be able to see clearly his level of patience, grace, and how he handles conflict.They’ve been with one another long enough to grow tired of one another. The manner in which someone treats their siblings can be a good indicator of how they treat long-term relationships.