It may have taken six months, but the mystery “cowboy family” on horseback referred to in our post A “cowboy family” on horseback spotted in New York City’s Central Park, has been solved!

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This isn’t the first […] We hate bringing you these sad stories, but the fact of the matter is, we can all learn from these tragedies.

The latest is a horse racing trainer named Steve Anderton.

Steve, who was only 43 years old, was found trapped and injured under a horse truck ramp two days ago.

The horse truck ramp […] There’s been a recent fad or trend that many horse owners have tried called “hand grooming.” No, this doesn’t mean using your hand as opposed to a machine.

It means literally using your hand to groom your horse, instead of a brush.

We don’t know exactly when hand grooming started becoming popular, and quite frankly, […] There’s nothing comical about bestiality, but these “zoophiles” always turn out to be quite the characters.

Our last foray into zoophiles was covered in a post titled “What It’s Like To Date A Horse- New York Magazine Has Gone Too Far.” It’s an interesting read to say the least.

In what is being ruled as a legitimate mix-up, a stable worker brought the […] The story we’ve been recently told about a “cowboy family” on horseback, riding through New York City’s Central Park, is so unique, that we felt compelled to dust off the old keyboard, look up our forgotten passwords, and fire off one more Filly Girl article!

The story, as told to us by a first hand witness, […] Just in time for Valentine’s Day, horse racing fans now have their own on-line dating site.

Yes, horse racing fans may have found their match- literally!

A new on-line dating site promises to match up singles who are fans of horse racing, involved in horse racing, or who just enjoy horses.