Think about it — the admonitions that this is the “worst ever” from a set of politicians using hysteria about something that nature is in control of, who then blame it on policies that their ideological opponents are advocating.And a willful press, which simply follow along with anything they are told, without examining facts, parrots it.Some of the politicians even suggest people who don’t side with what they believe should be prosecuted.

It’s one of those events in history that, years from now, people may look at like the sinking of the Spanish Armada in a storm off England. History favors the bold, and I would suggest a bold response be at the ready for whatever comes out of this hurricane season.

The why before the what is not in the hands of any party, but nature.

Those who know how to use it to educate the public as to the reasons are the ones that could win the hearts and minds of people in this pivotal time in our nation’s history. SOURCE Weak Minds Think Alike Belief in climate catastrophism is a social phenomenon, and requires an explanation in terms of the social sciences.

Note that it is calibrated in tenths of a degree Celsius and that even that tiny amount of warming started long before the late 20th century. Our pre-season forecast was initially released in April — with the biggest concern in the Gulf of Mexico — which we then finalized in May, lighting up the western Atlantic and Gulf. S., the bigger the worry about the intensity of storms this year given the very warm sea surface temperatures near the shore.

The horizontal line is totally arbitrary, just a visual trick. That warm water is eerily similar to the hurricane seasons of 1954 to 1960, when eight major hurricanes impacted the U. East Coast in seven years, including five in the back-to-back years of 19. Nixon is looming and up comes the ultimate East Coast storm, Hurricane Donna.

The whole graph would be a horizontal line if it were calibrated in whole degrees -- thus showing ZERO warming Food for Thought on the Eve of the Real Hurricane Season Joe Bastardi There are many examples of hurricane seasons that start quickly then fall apart completely before they come roaring back. This means that storms may not be much way out in the Atlantic, but as they get closer to the U. we have the threat of them increasing in intensity rather than backing off a peak reached out at sea. It hits Florida as a Category 4, North Carolina as a Category 3, New England as a Category 2.The monster brings hurricane winds to every state on the East Coast, never before recorded in the nation’s history (and never since! And as the storm is marching across the Atlantic a set of people decide to use it as a wedge issue in the election.Add to this the heat and hurricanes of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, and no person in their right mind in 1960 would even think to push such an idea. The people who become targets had better have their facts lined up, because I still believe in 2016 you can counter fantasy with fact.And so part of this is to get our forecast idea out there, for one, but also to lay the ground work before it happens.What would not even be an issue in 1960 after 30 years of record heat and hurricane hits (and there has been nothing close since) would be today in spite of the relative calm we have had been blessed with as far as hurricanes go.Sandy may have changed the course of history given the actions and reactions of the people involved as a nation.