A few months ago I had the pleasure of being the official wedding photographer for Graeme Smith and Morgan Deane here in Cape Town!

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Thank you for looking and I’d love to “hear” your comments :-) Greg.

Cape Town – Ex-Proteas captain Graeme Smith released a statement on Monday in response to comments made by his estranged wife Morgan Deane on Twitter.

On Sunday, the 31-year-old Irish singer voiced her feelings towards the former Proteas captain warning "all young girls" not to land in the same situation she is in.

Taking to Twitter, she revealed that Graeme has been granted custody of their two children, and that he had taken their passports to prevent her from leaving the country with them.

I was also so pleased that the couple were open to a few of the more unusual creative wedding pictures that I love doing… I could have ;-) but we quickly ran out of time and it was off to Suikerbossie for the reception!

The pictures are some of my proudest and I say that regardless of who my subjects were.

The one thing that struck me was that although this was a very high profile wedding it was very relaxed and all about family and friends, a perfect mix!

In case you are wondering the ceremony was at the St Bernards Church in Claremont and the reception held at Suikerbossie near Llandudno.

The couple announced their split in February this year after 4 years of marriage.