Examples of such policy efforts include the attempts to ban food marketing to children and to increase access to safe and appealing venues for exercise.Social networks are groupings of interconnected 2-way relationships.Modern-day social networks typically rely on social media for communication.

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More importantly discuss with your children why talking to strangers can be trouble.

Teaching them the right values is our top priority but filtering these bugs from our computers is a must to protect them.

on behalf of the American Heart Association Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Obesity in the Young Committee of the Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young, Council on Epidemiology and Prevention, and Council on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism but must include the implementation of policies that take into account the physical and social environment to change the eating and activity behaviors of children and their families.

My 16-year-old daughter brought Omegle to my attention a few months ago.

She spent the night with a friend of hers and this friend had the app on her cell phone and started randomly having conversations with strangers. I’m not, and I’m going to guess you probably aren’t either.

Omegle is used for talking to strangers with video chat. After all, it’s the exact opposite of everything we were taught not to do when we were little and the very thing that we, as parents, prohibit our children to do today. Immediately after my daughter mentioned the app, I did a lot of research on it. After more extensive research, I found You Tube videos of teens sharing their experiences of Omegle and talking about nude older men, girls taking their shirts off, being asked to meet up, expressing their thoughts and excitement on talking to strangers.I was highly alarmed that you don’t have to register for the app, nor do you have to identify yourself. Some girls were concerned about their video chats being recorded.I researched a little more and found that the video chats and text chats could be recorded and shared on You Tube via free software that can be downloaded online.More alarming is if your child is using a computer to access Omegle, their privacy policy clearly states that the following information is saved on their servers for 120 days: “the time your chat began, your IP address, a randomly-generated ID tag assigned to your computer, your chat partner’s IP address, and your chat partner’s randomly-generated ID tag.” While this data is used for law enforcement and to try to track and prevent spammers, you are willingly providing this information when using Omegle.There are two video chat modes, monitored and unmonitored.When using video chat your IP address will be shared, as it’s required and it will be made available to the stranger your child is chatting with.