The drawback for this type of monetization is that there will be no repeat profit for the current clients. This model is promising although it has received lots of criticism, given how unfair it is to spend money to download an app then pay over and over again to get more features.

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It would also become more beneficial if the app has a chat option where everybody can communicate openly.

The ability for teachers, students, and all users participating in the learning experience can easily navigate and be involved from any mobile device, computer, and tablet.

The Chatwing white label app solution makes learning seamless and real time no matter where in the world you are.

For sure, you’re not just making an app for the fun of it.

You, of course, would want your app to bring you cash, new users, customers and help your overall business.

Here are the things that can do just that: is offered for free to the users but with limited content, features, or digital goods.

People can access the premium version to get extra content or feature via in-app purchases. Offering a free game or app enables you to get rid of the Paid apps can be a success if it’s made compelling enough for people to buy even without trial.

Instead of propagating apps that cause more harm than good, it’s certainly more productive and worthwhile to create or use apps that promote learning.

If there will be custom learning apps for just about any theme and topic, people can get to have a go-to place for each exclusive skill or concept they want to learn or master.

Once the people become learned, further impact will be felt in a large-scale way.

If you are an institution, like a review center, school, tutorial center, etc., creating a custom app for learning for your members will be a great idea.