Throughout this page you will see numerous references to Steyermark.These are referring to the masterwork of Missouri plants - "Flora of Missouri" by Julian Steyermark, published by Iowa State University Press, November 1963, with some reprintings.The book is no longer in print and is VERY hard to find for sale.

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Croatian post Mostar issued commemorative stamps of Flora 2015 presenting endemic plants, the Arum Orientale subsp.

The revised Flora of Missouri will be in three volumes, with volumes one and two available now.

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Orientale and Woodland Crocus or Tommasini’s Crocus.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a particularly rich biodiversity due to its location in three distinct geological and climatic regions: The Mediterranean region, the Euro Siberian-Bore American region and the Alpine-Nordic region.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a reservoir of various endemic flora. Orientale (Arum petteri) is specifically known by its black (dark-brown) overlaying leaf that forms a specific tube in which there is a light brown cob in the center.