Luc Ferry is not well-known outside of France — at least he wasn’t until last week when he found himself sweating uncomfortably in the hot glare of a full-blown media scandal.In France, Ferry is known as a former education minister under Jacques Chirac.

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The author of many books with titles such as Ferry is a familiar figure in the highbrow precincts of the French media for his articulate views on lofty themes — success, virtue, wisdom, moral truths — and in particular is appreciated for his talent for making accessible an understanding of these complex subjects.

France is perhaps the only country in the modern world where it’s possible to call oneself a “philosopher” without sounding pretentious or pompous.

The status of “philosopher” in France not only commands respect and admiration, it also procures invitations to the best Parisian dinner parties and television talk shows.

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Yes, you read that right, the Labour Leader has joined the social network, which nobody over 30 can make sense of.

And the pics and videos he has shared are, so far, every bit as humdrum as you'd imagine. Mr Corbyn recently had a trip on a ferry - and he looked absolutely delighted when he was granted every small child's dream, and got to drive. app_id: "Mirror", head: "Politics Alerts on Whats App", sub: "Register now and be the first to get the latest politics updates and alerts from The Mirror", name: "", //Optional.

Here's what you'll find in Jeremy Corbyn's Snapchat.

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