Recently, Brenda dusted off the old ass rumor and decided to talk about it on Instagram.

via Just Jared The note was deleted after Trace spit up those fightin’ words at her. Trace must seriously be horse hung and his dick must have the power to make chicks go insane, because damn.

The most surprising part of all of this is that they didn’t stay together.

Brenda seems crazy and Trace seems crazy, so they’re pretty much a match in crazy bitch heaven.

Do you remember Miley Cyrus’ older half-brother Trace?

Actually, did you even know that Miley had an older half-brother named Trace?

In case you need some background, here it is: Trace Cyrus is a 26-year-old Pisces from Kentucky.

He sings backing vocals and plays guitar in the band Metro Station. Trace’s mother is Tish Cyrus and his biological father is Baxter Neal Helson, but he was adopted by Billy Ray. You are shirtless and yet, your upper body is more covered than mine is at work right now.

A few years ago, we, as a people, braced ourselves for the arrival of a Cyrus centaur baby when the Internet farted up a rumor that one of Mickey Mouse’s former hos, Brenda Song, had rode Trace Cyrus bareback-style and got knocked up.

A quick minute after that rumor came out, Brenda Song’s mother supposedly told Star Magazine that her daughter’s uterus wasn’t filled with a fetus.

Pictures came out of Brenda Song looking a little pregnant-ey, so some figured that her mother was in denial about being bound to the crazy ass Cyrus family forever.

We were all preparing ourselves for a world where Trace Cyrus is somebody’s father, but then Brenda was papped crying while coming home from the hospital and it was reported that she miscarried. Brenda hasn’t said anything about the pregnancy rumors until now.