The moment I asked her to stop messaging me, she blew a gasket. Super funny update: I found this extremely cheap book on Amazon with TONS of demotivational posters. I’m sure some of you have seen some of the demotivational posters floating around the internet, but I love them so I brought together a collection of some of the better de-motivational posters that I have been able to spot.Demotivational posters are hilarious takeoffs of the motivational posters that many schools and workplaces post all over the place and make people generally feel ill.

January 23, 2013- I just added new sexy demotivational posters, look below: Captain James Kirk motivation posters Change Motivational Poster: I think I would be a little nervous if I was the guy in this motivation poster with a shark circling around me.

Delusion Motivation Poster of a poor guy who looks like he is about to be in deep, deep water.

Anti-Motivational Poster: Podcasting is my thing, so I figured I’d poke fun of myself first. Demotivation Poster: Flattery Welcome to the american workforce.

I agree, spy, but if the ol’ man is anything like I was, he’s got his foot on the lad’s neck, giving it the appearance of a side by side. But then I do have that 870 with the entry stock on it,, but it never goes with my outfit, and I worry I'll break a nail. This guy obviously thinks hes fugly and cant get any worse, and is a fag - so hey, why not make myself a bigger freak.

Actioning the slide has such a crisp, authoritative sound, don't you think? I dont wonder WHY people do it, thats easy - they are f***in attention wh***s who got picked on at school and had no friends.

I prefer my old satin nickel Colt Model 1911, .45ACP.I believe s/he is presenting le5bos as an alternative to dating morons. It's unfortunate that it sometimes takes time for morons to reveal their depth (or lack thereof). No one walks around with a sign around their neck showing their IQ. The other was half insane, desperate, super needy, demanding, and jealous after chatting for only 3 days. Every bit as destructive in their own way, as any other extreme fundamentalists. Thank the Gods for giving me the intelligence to spot it before meeting.