At left: a look across the park at the under-construction 450 West 14th, the “High Line [Office] Building,” and the Standard Hotel, completed in 2008 and straddling the old freight line, now a lengthy urban park/promenade.The hotel’s concrete stanchions have been colloquially called “stripper legs” which is appropriate, since some hotel patrons have been known for showing their shortcomings to High Line walkers. RIGHT: this is actually just a small section of Hudson River Park, which properly extends along the river from Battery Park north to West 59th Street, though much of it is yet undeveloped.The arched iron gate is echoic of the one across 11th Avenue marking the White Star-Cunard Lines piers that used to be there.

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In “Mellow Yellow” Donovan is actually saying he’s just mad about Frontine, but in 1960s transistor radio-squawk that was always rendered Fourteen, and I thought he liked teenagers, which wouldn’t have surprised me.

Your webmaster has always been mad about 14th– East and West 14th, the first numbered street to go coast to coast — of Manhattan, from the Hudson to the East Rivers.

That’s where I walked in October 2008 on a street that has its share of interesting architecture, mass transit, parkland, lampposts, signage and atmosphere.

West 14th Street is present at the ‘birth’ of 10th and 11th Avenues (from West Street) at its far western end, and the triangle of land formed by the three thoroughfares is home to the Liberty Inn, which goes back all the way to its 1908 construction by poultry wholesalers.

It has long been a haunt for seafarers (as the Strand Hotel) and has operated as the Liberty since 1969.The Liberty was home to a gay club on the ground floor called The Anvil from 1974-1986. 10th Avenue is one of the longest north-south routes in Manhattan.As Amsterdam Avenue, which it becomes at West 59th Street, it marches north all the way to Fort George Avenue at High Bridge Park.A highway sign guides traffic to the “meat market,” a term that could be applied to more than one “meat market” at one time.These days, the innuendo is ascendant as the Far West Side’s center of meat wholesaling is being dispersed away from these few blocks — though there are still some around, this is now a fashion and recreational center with boutiques, hotels, restaurants and clubs.Hudson River Park is located in the quadrilateral formed by West 14th & 15th Streets and 10th and 11th Avenues.