Last week one of my posts included suggestions on where a younger man might meet older gay men.

When choosing a group try to find a topic or hobby you’re interested in, but also consider whether younger guys are also likely to be involved.

The local gay softball team or cycling group are probably safe bets.

The wine tasters and square dance clubs probably are not.

I think this is a little more imperative for older gay men than it is for the younger guys.

Traditional gay dating sites offer a huge pool of hot young guys, but you end up having to wade through all of them to find the few that are legitimately interested in older men.

Sites such as Silverdaddies, Caffmos, Daddy Hunt, and Seeks Older take much of the guess work out of contacting younger men.You know they are much more likely to be interested in you so you save time and trouble.I apologize for being a little skimpy on the posts this week.John and I have family visiting currently so it has been difficult to find additional time to write.However I am inspired on some new topics related to intergenerational relationships; my writing should pick back up again sometime next week.In the mean time I leave you with has become the second part of a post on meeting me for intergenerational relationships.