I can’t say that I miss the dinner and drink dates, but they were definitely a little easier to set up since they’re more of a social norm. 50% of all marriages these days end in divorce, and mostly for financial reasons. (To qualify the statement about dating casually, I plan on dating more seriously once the debt is paid off.

Throw in a bar night or two or three with friends each week and an occasional trip, and it’s easy to see how I was spending $1,000 to $1,400 a month on entertainment. Personality became key, and I realized I had to be fun by just being me, and I couldn’t use money as a crutch.

I haven’t been on a single dinner date or drink date since starting NMHD. Throughout the past four months, I’ve become a better listener, and I’ve also become more sincere, genuine, open, and humble. To sum up how dating has changed with NMHD, I’d say I’m doing as much of it, I’m not spending nearly as much on it, the women I date these days are less shallow, and so am I.

Instead, I’ve bought drinks for girls I meet at bars when I’m out with friends, and I’ve been on coffee dates, hike dates, and chill-at-home-and-drink-wine/beer-and-watch-a-movie dates.

I would say I’m dating roughly as much during NMHD as I did before, but at a much, much cheaper level.

Unfortunately, it appears that the former group is much larger than the latter, so I while I’m dating about as much as I did pre-NMHD, I don’t know if that’s actually sustainable.

I didn’t seek them out, but if I ended up dating one, then I ended up dating one, and I could generally afford it. And in the long run, I’m probably much, much better off because of it. Before NMHD, I was okay with dating high-maintenance materialistic women.A long-time reader requested a post dedicated to my dating life and how it fits (or doesn’t) with NMHD. I’ll be doing future relationships a huge solid by not bringing my burdensome loans into them.) While there is a significant difference in the girls I date, there’s also been a difference in the guy I am when I date.The timing of this request was perfect, as I’ve been meaning to devote some time for reflection on this matter and put pen to paper for the sake of my own mental clarity, but I just haven’t been able to get around to it yet. To get really candid here for a minute, I feel that prior to NMHD I wasn’t as concerned with having a great personality and being a super nice guy.Her prompt was just the sort of encouragement I needed to finally git ‘er done. Don’t get me wrong–it’s not like I was a huge jerk–but there was definitely an air of “My house…my toys…great dinner…0 tab we just drank…aren’t you having so much fun?Before NMHD, I was averaging about one or two dinner dates and one or two drink dates a week for a spend of about 0+/week or 0+/month. ” But when I stopped throwing money around and stripped away all of those meaningless distractions and it became just two people walking together in the forest or sitting on a couch in Starbucks sipping on coffee, then stuff started to get real.