However, if you have realistic expectations and a little bit of patience there is no reason not to go for it!

It may be sexy to have a guy who is confident and strong in his convictions, opinions and ideas.

It can also be extremely annoying and frustrating so beware. If he is a good bit older than you then he may feel a bit protective of you and he may come off as a bit bossy.

It is a weird dynamic in a romantic relationship and you two will have to work through it because it is not something that will foster a healthy and happy relationship.

Dating an older man can sound very enticing to a lot of women. He may be raising them or they may be grown up but don’t underestimate the importance and priority that his kids will then he will want you to like his kids and for them to like you.

Typically, women mature at a faster rate than men do and sometimes a 50 year old man is more compatible with a 25 year old woman than a lot of the 20-somethings she has been dating. Read on to find out the top 4 things to keep in mind when dating an older guy. His relationship with his children is something so important that you must show interest in them.

If he is a good bit older than you are then he has probably done things, been places and experienced life’s milestones that you have not yet been through. He has probably been married before and, therefore, has the often dreaded ex-wife. He may still be paying alimony or have other money or emotions tied up with her and they likely have kids… The older that people get the more they are stuck in their ways.

They may not mean to be rigid and may not even realize that they are inflexible but they will probably have been doing a lot of things a specific way for a long time.

On the other hand, he may have wisdom and ideas to share which is nothing to scoff at either.

It is becoming more acceptable all of the time to date outside of your “age bracket” but it still presents very unique challenges.

Older men are wiser, smarter and more confident but they can also be stuck in their ways and they often have other obligations and relationships that you may not have yet.

You need to be prepared for the fact that dating an older man often means dating an ex-wife and a couple of kids too.