I have been asked by the person whose experiences I am posting as evidence, not to post further evidence for a few days. They fined the agency a "large amount" ($5000) we are sure this acts as a deterrent to a business with a profit of $500k a year.Anastasiadate have offered to investigate the Nikolaev agency under their “anti scam” policy. Conclusion, the Anastasia FRAUD "anti scam policy" and "confirmed profile" guarantees are complete FRAUD. Your data is almost certainly not safe on Anastasia Keywords: Anastasiadate, theft, fraud, data security.We await the results with interest and will keep readers updated as to what action they actually take or whether they evade their responsibilities.21/02/15To update, they banned Evgenia Ostrovskaya, refused to ban Yulia Marchenko, refused to ban Oxana Firsova, refused to ban Yulia Tatarinova. Those of you who have an Anastasia FRAUD login may have noticed that if you forget your login, they will helpfully send you your password in plain text!

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Change your password NOW to one not the same as any other site!

Anyone wish to make a complaint to the EU data commisioner? Keywords: Anastasia date, fraud, theft, deception Over the last 24 months we have been collecting evidence of extensive fraud on Anastasia date.

We need a secure host immune to the bullying and intimidation tactics that the anastasia FRAUD organization use to try to hide their fraud from customers.

If you can provide such space can you pm us on this site?

As the Cupid Media data breach story will tell you, companies have an obligation to store passwords correctly. ...

lain-text/“The investigation also revealed a major issue surrounding Cupid's storage of passwords - they were stored in plain text:”How should they do it? We think it a reasonable assumption, based on the sloppiness of their password storage, that their systems are not secure.

Well curiously, the Anastasia IT folk have not even read the Sophos idiots guide to storing passwords securely. If they did this it would be exceptionally difficult for them to send you a plain text password reminder. ... Any quick trip to the undernet (last checked 24/10/14)(not recommended) will reveal whether Anastasia details are available for sale.

If they are available, this would strongly imply that data breaches have already occurred!

What we have 7423 confirmed fraudulent profiles from a random sample survey of 8000 anastasia FRAUD profiles (15GB).