Use common sense when faced with something out of the ordinary or if someone is following you.Violent Crime Violent crime is not common in Senegal, but it does occur.

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To avoid theft, it is advisable to avoid walking alone in isolated areas or on beaches, particularly at night, lock doors and close their windows when driving, and avoid public transportation.

To minimize inconvenience in the event of theft, carry copies, rather than originals, of passports and other identification documents.

Carry a credit card only if it will be used soon, rather than carrying it as a routine practice.

Thousands of American citizens travel to Senegal each year and most experience an enriching and incident-free trip.

However, some unexpected crime and inconveniences do befall some American citizens visiting Senegal.

Petty Crime Minor street crime is very common in Senegal, particularly in cities.Most reported incidents involve pickpockets, purse-snatchers, and street scam artists, who are especially active in large crowds and around tourists.American citizens are encouraged to use common sense and situational awareness to ensure personal safety and to reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim.Always be aware of the surroundings, especially in large cities and crowded places such as markets and taxi parks.Keep a low profile, remain vigilant, and avoid potential conflict situations.Do not wear flashy clothing or jewelry, and be cautious about displaying any amount of currency in public.