Worry, frustration, emotional depletion – they can all be part of the dynamic.If there was just someway to stop the cycle of stress – a bridge to change that offers something new?As a healer, I’ve helped hundreds of men – gay and straight – work through just about every life challenge imaginable with positive results.

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The challenges many men face are often not addressed by many in the helping professions.

We’re talking about life issues that run the gambit from career challenges to marriage problems, to intimacy issues to relationships to addiction.

Some guys have problems with cheating and infidelity.

As a Chicago counselor, therapist & Life Coach in Lakeview that works with men, I totally get it – reaching out for support isn’t the easiest thing.

But there are moments when we’re feeling so stressed, anxious, worried and discouraged that it all becomes too much.

Trust me, I recognize how difficult that can be because I’ve had to do this myself.When left unchecked, these feelings begin to grow and become compounded.What’s more, I’d like to help you build a bridge to change.Gaining guidance from a male counselor & coach who understands what it’s like to work for a living can be the ideal venue to solve problems.You see I wasn’t always a therapist – I used to work in the business world – perhaps just like you.I know how difficult it is to reach out for support because let’s face it – opening up can be intimidating.