Most people write a string of adjectives to describe themselves and end up sounding generic.

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If you want to find love – which is pretty significant – why would you spend so little time and effort crafting a profile essay?

Why would you post a photo that’s out of focus, outdated, or doesn’t best represent you?

Seems counterintuitive, yet so many people do just that.

One of the secrets to online dating success is knowing how to stand out from the crowd.

I am the go-to person for practical advice as well as emotional support.

You won’t find me wallowing in self-pity, but you will find me swimming against the tide.

My love of travel has taken me from a AM visit to the bustling fish market in Japan to walking the steep hills of San Francisco (my aching calves were well-earned).

If you have trouble describing what makes you unique and beautiful, I can help. I’m also working on getting through the ten books on my nightstand. I really feel at home in nature, whether it’s sitting with my adorable nephews on the pier overlooking Lake Michigan or traveling anywhere just for fun. I enjoy exploring off the beaten path and am looking for a partner to join me. I am looking for a man secure enough within himself to give and receive love in a mutually supportive and sharing relationship.

Right now, I’m reading “The Power of Now”, “Life is a Verb”, and “Daring Greatly”. I’m interested in a partner to share the wonders of life, someone who appreciates the small as well as the grand moments, a man who has a high energy level, who’s honest and open, and has a very positive outlook on life. About me I don’t sweat the small stuff, but I do enjoy the afterglow of sweating on my morning beach walks.

J’adore men who are confident and open for a relationship with a loving woman. I’ve been on the Today show twice and speak a great deal for my work, but in my personal life, I prefer to listen deeply.

I’ve been described as optimistic, buoyant, hopeful, resilient, appreciative, supportive, and thoughtful.