If you do not have a User ID, then click on the “Create New User” link on the page and you will be given instructions on how to create an online profile and view your Direct Express account.Get Your Statement Once you login, you can review your transaction history online at no cost to you.If you see any transactions you do not recognize or authorized, you should immediately call customer service at 1-888-741-1115 and file a complaint for an investigation.

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The first step you need to take immediately your card is lost or stolen is to call Direct Express Customer Service to inform them about the missing card.

They will then go ahead and cancel the card and order a replacement.

You need to call them immediately because the longer you wait, the more likely it is that someone could possibly use your card to make unauthorized purchases.

Direct Express Statement Login If you are a Social Security Direct Express Card card holder and would like to see your account statement, you have to login into the Direct Express website in order to do that.

Visit the US Direct Express Website (see link below at the bottom of this article) and login. The User ID is the name you created when you first logged into your account online.

Once you enter the name correctly, it will be validated and if it is a correct User ID, you will then be required to enter your password.If you do not remember your User ID, click the “Forgot User Id? To retrieve your User ID, you will be asked to enter your card number.If you want to get a paper statement mailed to you, then call customer service at 1-888-741-1115 or visit the direct express website.Home Page is Down – What to Do If you are trying to login and the website happens to be down, you need to call customer service to get any account information or transaction history you may need.You may have to hold for a while to speak to a live person.References: you have your Social Security Benefits Card (Direct Express Card) stolen or lost and cannot access your social security benefits, follow the instructions below on how to get your existing card canceled and order a replacement card.