Some of the greatest advancements in science have come about as a result of the necessities that wars and hardships create.One of the greatest challenges that armies faced in the early nineteenth century was feeding troops.It was through this need, generated by war, that the hermetic preserving of food came about.

Despite the hardships of the time, most still look to the future with great optimism.

Men and women are learning how to master their environment through the invention of machines.

Many have made their fortunes by using their creative ingenuity and inventing something new.

In many parts of the nation winters are often harsh and bitter cold; there is no forced-air heating to keep your family warm.

In order to survive the winter, you must prepare for it beforehand.

You aren’t rich, so the few material goods that you own are used over and over again.

The tools you own are few and therefore have many uses.

BY DAVE HINSON COPYRIGHT 1996 BY DAVE HINSON HOW IT ALL BEGAN The discovery that fed our troops became the discovery which helped pioneer our nation! This revolutionary invention allowed families to prepare for the winter by "putting up" what they had in abundance in the fall.

Families often traded a jar of this for a jar of that, preparing for the lean season with relative abundance.

The invention of the fruit jar, or mason jar as it was called, made life a little easier; best of all it made Winter meals far more nutritional and palatable. This place has none of the modern essentials to which you are accustomed.

There are no fast food restaurants, there are no grocery stores, there are no super-highways and there is no electricity. In this mythical place you save and use everything. Life is simple, but the problems you face are varied and challenging.