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As someone who is openly HIV-positive, I often get the privilege of hearing from other newly diagnosed gay men from across the country.

As anyone can imagine, learning you are positive can feel like taking a cannonball to the chest.

So sometimes you need to talk to a stranger before you can catch your breath and find the words for your family and friends. And I went wah, wah, wah into my wine glass all through the night.

Although I’m no psychotherapist, I can relate and speak to the myriad of fears that flood your head space while sitting in the clinic and receiving the news. The truth is, once I picked myself out of the puddle of tears, I was relatively unaltered.

After all, you don’t disclose all of the dirty details of your life on a first date, so what makes your HIV status any different? Those dirty details are the layers of who you are as a person, and they’re revealed as a relationship develops.

Being positive isn’t a part of your character; it’s a matter of logistics.

Either your Friday night date is someone who understands the logistics of dating someone positive, or he doesn’t.

In almost every instance, the most pressing concern in the emails, texts, and phone calls I receive is about how HIV will affect a person’s dating life. When I first found out about my status, all of my romantic dreams instantly felt like dead ones. I had a doctor’s appointment every four months and a new pill to add to my pillbox, but my worth on the dating market remained the same.

Of course, the first couple months were pretty shaky.