How to Ask a Girl Out for a Date Before Getting Closer with Her Keep in Touch With Her Spilling the Big Question How to Ask a Guy Out for a Date Before Getting Closer with Him Keep in Touch With Him Spilling the Big Question Of all sad words of might and pen, the saddest are these, "It might have been! These words are true when you miss an opportunity to tell someone how you feel.When you are too scared for rejection that you risk the chance of having a relationship with someone you like.A possible chance for relationship starts with a successful first date.

Asking someone for a date may not be as easy as it sounds.

Sure, you can always go straight forward and ask the other person if he or she is interested to go on a date.

However, you can put a higher chances of approval if you take time to put more effort on the "asking out" part by checking on the tips on this Visi How.

It is always wiser to know where you stand on a girl's life.

So it would be best to observe beforehand and read the signs that her body and gestures are showing.

Knowing where you stand will give you an idea on the next steps that should be done.

Once you know where you stand in her "I-like-you-meter" and knowing more things about her, this is the time when you tell keep in touch with her.

This is the start of your relationship as acquaintances.

These steps may help: Once you are done with knowing her and getting closer with her, it is now the right time to pop the question.