Just try not to ruin it by auditing the hotel and restaurant bills at the end of the date, and scheduling a repayment plan - surely you wouldn’t do this?Just because many accountants are secure and reliable, that certainly does not make them boring.

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If you are worried your profession might hold you back in the dating game, fear not as financial security and reliability rate more highly than international travel and exotic locations. As Valentine’s Day approaches, your thoughts may turn to finding the perfect date that could lead to everlasting happiness.

According to a recent survey, accountants stand every chance of success.

The research is from Parship, a leading online matchmaking service aimed at professionals.

It shows that, while British men and women may dream of a James Bond-style adventure, their ultimate perfect partner is more likely to have job security than spontaneous sophistication.

What both women and men really want, the research says, is commitment and an accountant boyfriend or girlfriend rather than a high octane adventure.

The women in the survey even said that they are more impressed with a bunch of flowers, a date at a nice restaurant or a romantic weekend away than spontaneous exotic travel.Parship has 500,000 subscribers, mostly from the professions – accountants are numbered in the top three alongside teachers and medics.‘Most people want security,’ says Dr Victoria Lukats, psychiatrist and dating expert for Parship.‘Of course the idea of travelling around the world - the adventure and the passion - sounds exciting.But in practice, people have mortgages to pay, their job and their career to think about.’ Dr Lukats is keen to avoid stereotypes: ‘You can’t say accountants are all the same.’ But one thing you can say is that to be professionally qualified, you will have passed the intelligence test, a trait that is highly rated on the dating scene.Other highly rated traits include integrity, honesty, stability, security, decisiveness and the ability to cope under pressure, says Dr Lukats. All this doesn't mean that there isn’t a need for a certain amount of romantic escapism.