I previously wrote an article about the anesthesia-free teeth cleaning that Chester gets. Because I don’t brush their teeth, I do this instead.

cost of sedating a dog-23

I will admit that I lean towards natural and holistic medicine.

Also, I am open to “experimental” procedures not accepted by the entire “medical” community as long as I feel knowledgeable about the situation and feel I have made the best choice for myself and my family. I’ve done a lot research regarding what it costs to get a dog’s teeth cleaned. Luckily, at my vet, cleaning under anesthesia starts at $300.

Below are the arguments I’ve heard and what I have to say about them. Getting Chester an exam and non-anesthesia teeth cleaning at All the Best Pet Care is $160.

It’s recommended that he have this procedure done twice a year.

Therefore, the cost is the same, or a little more, to get anesthesia-free teeth cleaning.

Besides, I do not make choices about Chester’s health based on cost.If he needs it, or I think it’s best for him, I gladly open my wallet.I can see your email address and see you work for a vet) repeatedly with comments about how anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is horrible and Chester will die if he gets it. If I haven’t, I am sure I will after people read this article.Despite the very vocal detractors, I feel strongly that I have made the right choice for Chester.I admit I am not a vet and that these are all personal opinions based on very thorough research done over a period of 2 years.I have a background in science so I know how to ask probing questions, seek out the information I am looking for, and understand scientific reports (In this case, there aren’t many).