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First dates are at once a terrifying time and an exciting time where you get to introduce yourself to someone new who might just turn out to become your new partner.

This though places a lot of pressure on them and places a lot of pressure on men who are desperate to make sure they make a good impression, to act in the right way, and to avoid making the event awkward and unpleasant.

There's pressure for both parties of course, but in some ways it's even worse for the man, who is often in many ways 'the host' and who is likely in almost every case to find the woman attractive.

If you're this guy out on a first date, how do you go about saying the right thing and carefully choosing your conversation?

Here we'll have a look at some useful tips for how to make the whole process a little less stressful. Many guys make the mistake on first dates of being so nervous that they start to make forced conversation or give off an awkward vibe neither of these things of course is going to be very constructive in a date scenario. Likewise you should heed these tips, but don't worry too much about 'pre-planning' for your date as this will just make your conversation come across as stilted and unnatural...

Listen and Respond Which brings us nicely onto our next point which is to actually genuinely listen and take an interest in what your date says and to let that largely dictate the conversation.They say something, then you respond to it and elaborate on their points.The mistake is to try and get the conversation back to the next point that you had already decided would be good to talk about. Instead try to talk about normal things as well such as the venue you are at, how their day today has been, whether they have holiday plans or plans for the week more like you might talk to a hairdresser or even a friend.Don't Spiel That said you do not want to rant to the point where it becomes boring for them and you shouldn't monologue really for more than a minute at a time or you'll lose their attention.At the same time it's always good to hold some information back as it will make you seem more mysterious and leave them wanting more rather than making them feel like they know everything there is to know about you after ten minutes.Don't Brag Bragging is of course something that we might all conceivably feel fairly compelled to do as we feel it will make us seem more attractive if we list our good features.