(b) Don't be alarmed if i Tunes moves all or a subset of your books at once instead of one-at-a-time. : My book has 5 CDs (Superbook Disc 1, Superbook Disc 2, etc. You need to be careful about your meta data entries because i Tunes is very picky about matching and sorting.Any differences (spelling, spacing, capitalization, punctuation) will likely cause you difficulty in subsequent steps.For example, mis-matched meta data could cause your imported (and as yet non-merged) CDs to be scattered instead of appearing next to / near each other in different viewing modes.

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Find out what "Consolidate Library" means in i Tunes with help from an audio engineer, musician, video editor and Mac savvy tech in this free video clip.

Expert: Joey Biagas Filmmaker: Hunter Lemoine Series Description: If you own an i Pod Touch, i Phone or i Pad, you're definitely going to need to know how to use i Tunes to its fullest potential.

Expand your i Tunes knowledge with help from an audio engineer, musician, video editor and Mac savvy tech in this free video series.

In addition to being a platform for music, i Tunes can also be used to transfer spoken word files from a CD to an MP3.

Because audiobook users will want to keep all of the CD tracks in chronological order, without breaks, users should take a few extra steps when they import an audiobook into i Tunes.

Adding an audiobook to i Tunes can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. add_user=ehowtech Watch More: One of the many things that i Tunes allows users to do is consolidate their digital libraries.Importing Audiobooks from Your Computer Importing Audiobooks from a CDCommunity Q&A Did you know that you can import either digital audiobooks in MP3 format or audiobooks from CDs into your i Tunes library? For audiobook lovers, this is especially useful as now you can access your audiobook files through your i Tunes library even when you’re on the go. In addition to joining the tracks on each CD, you want to merge the CDs.If it's a small book of only a few CDs, then you might want to merge all CDs into one CD.If it's a big book, then you might want to merge (for example) the first 10 CDs into "Part 1"; the next 10 CDs into "Part 2"; and so on. : (a) The CD will disappear from your Music library and reappear in your Audiobooks. I am, however, grateful when multiples are (correctly) moved all at once. As I change each title, that CD is merged with the other CDs of the same title.