This is a further attempt to publish a complete list of Officers - for a partial one see the order of the 'Centenary Service at All Saints Church, Colchester, on Sunday 14 November 1952' (n.s. Where known full christian names have been given on the first occasion that an individual is mentioned, and where his or her portrait (referred to as P.) or obituary (referred to as O.) have been published the fact is only noted once.

chris crellin dating dark-44

Founded in 1852 as the Essex Archaeological Society, it exists to encourage the study and enjoyment of local history and archaeology in the historic county of Essex.

Full members receive an annual publication, 'Essex Archaeology and History'; make visits to places of interest and have access to the Society's own Library of antiquarian and more recent publications at the Albert Sloman Library, Colchester Campus of the University of Essex.

For more information follow the links to the permanant website.

The latest publication, 'The Archaeology of Essex: Proceedings of the Chelmsford Conference' is now available to the public.

In common with other organisations, the Essex Society for Archaeology and History (until 1985 named the Essex Archaeological Society) has during its long history, created archives, and this catalogue describes the papers which are kept in the Storeroom in Hollytrees, In order to produce meaningful descriptions of these papers it has been necessary to include brief accounts of the evolution of the Society’s Offices, and to complete the picture lists of all Officers have been compiled and are published here.

This is clearly not a history of the Society - rather this catalogue describes the raw material upon which further research would be based.By far the best history of the Society to date is “Our triple Jubilee: the Essex Archaeological Society 1852-2002” by W R Powell, published in Transactions ‘Third Series’ Volume 32.It is possible to build up an impression of the Society's activities from the Annual Reports, published until 1960 in the Transactions and issued separately thereafter.'Our Diamond Jubilee' by W C Waller (‘new series’ xiii, 1-11) describes the Society's first years, whilst G M Benton: ‘The Early History of the Society and of the Colchester and Essex Museum' (n.s.xviii, 276-289) is a useful account of the early years of: the Society and its attempts to establish a museum.Whilst the catalogue itself is, hopefully, complete and accurate, the lists of Officers is acknowledged to be deficient - chiefly thanks to incomplete records.