With Valentine's Day around the corner, your time is running out to snag a date before February 14th. They're certainly not without flaws, but Romeo, Mr.

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If we would follow John Green to the ends of the earth, we're obviously more than capable of having a long-term relationship.

Lewis said it best: "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." We'll take ours piping hot with a bit of honey, please. If it's happening between the pages, you already know our answer to "How was your day?

We laughed for hours when Hilly ate Minny's feces-filled cake in The Help, and cried for a week when Dumbledore died.

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Avoid those awkward silences -- simply ask us what we're currently reading.

ain't got nothin' on us -- especially when there are only a few more pages to go, and every chapter ends in a cliffhanger!

Visiting faraway lands via books only gives us the itch to venture to faraway lands IRL.

Jenny stopped talking to her best friend because of a Tweet?