The cat started crawling out of the bag when Birdman showed up Sunday for Toni's Grammy Park performance in Brooklyn. It's unclear if he and Toni had a "run-in" later, but we're told they've been close for years ... Our sources say they're trying to keep it on the DL, and up until now they have. We're told backstage was sealed off so very few people could see them together, but this pic of the rendezvous got out.

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The guys will be at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City in Universal Studios in LA, on the 4th of May 2012 at 8pm!

There'll be interviews with the guys and they'll also perform some songs.

If you can't make the show, it will apparently be streamed online via Farley Bros Radio. :)More than a decade later, TMZ reported in January that the remaining members of 2gether struck a deal with MTV to organize and film their own comeback show to air on the network.

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Toni Braxton put some respek on Birdman's name by hanging with the Cash Money CEO -- and it's not for the first time ...

which makes it more surprising they've kept this under wraps.

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