Running out of options, Lily suggests that they get married in international waters where they don't need a marriage license.They find a boat captain willing to marry them, but he wants $5000 to perform the ceremony.

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Marshall and Lily are now back together after Lily proposes to Marshall.

After having sex on the kitchen floor (with a creative use of Mrs.

Butterworth's), Marshall tells Lily of how his family had harsh words about her when she left for San Francisco and canceled the wedding plans.

Barney, after finding Lily a veil, takes Marshall and Ted to a strip club for an 18-minute bachelor party.

When they approach the receptionist at the casino's wedding chapel, they find that the waiting period for a New Jersey marriage license is two days.

They go to the courthouse to find a judge who will waive the waiting period, and finally manage to get into a judge's chambers after staking out a bathroom.

The judge, impressed by Marshall and Lily's committed, nine-year relationship, almost grants the waiver on the waiting period, but Barney reveals that Marshall and Lily broke up for six months, causing the judge to change his mind.

Lily is embarrassed to have a ceremony in front of Marshall's family, out of fear that they will judge her harshly, so they decide to elope to Atlantic City.

They immediately go and find Robin at the news station, Ted at his architecture firm, and Barney at a salon getting a pedicure.

After all five get a pedicure, they go to Atlantic City.

Lily goes looking for a bouquet and sends Robin to find some clothes that don't make her look better than the bride.