[email protected]@Dec 3, 2011 I have been reading and rereading postings about growing up in Coney Island with fond memories.I can honestly claim I was a real Coney Islander; I was born in Coney Island Hospital and grew up very happily in Coney Island, first on West 29th Street between Mermaid and Surf, then in the 28th Street side of the elevator building on Surf Avenue in back of the Half Moon Hotel. I went to PS 188, Mark Twain, and graduated from Lincoln High School.

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He took me to Steeplechase one day when I was eight and let me nag him into getting everything punched on my ticket. Your website brought back my childhood, my teen years as well as memories of my 1st Love.

I never threw up once, but did come home with a bloody nose as a result of standing right behind him when he swung a baseball bat at a ball to win some prize for me. date Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at PM subject RE: Coney Island Memories Hello JK I grew-up on 31st street between Mermaid & Neptune Avenue's, your website is great. I am now 53 years old and live in the wilds of PA, yet I never forget that I am at heart a Coney Island kid.

I had wonderful friends from all over the neighborhood. Thank you for taking the time to create this site, there was no better place to grow-up then Coney Island.

Gilda, whose family owned Mirrer's Bakery, Cynthia Damond, Richie Hahn, Marilyn Richman, Irving Graff. Thanks Jon Duffy To: [email protected]: Fri, Feb 13, 2009 am Subject: THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES I often revisit your site to catch up on new entries from former CI "grads". Through your site & Classmates, I have reconnected with several old CI & Seagate friends, such as Bob (Reuven) Zasler (now living in Israel), Gino Zizzo, Bob Shumsky, Barry Mennen, Mike Nelson, Ken Solnit, and Ron Cohen (from "Sunny Boy" and also now in Israel).

I moved to Sheepshead Bay after marrying for the first time, but came back to Coney Island after divorcing and lived there with my mother Molly Rosenbaum for a time. (you had to take the swinging car.) We loved to see movies at the Loews (pronounced "Low-eeze), and the RKO Tilyou. If you had a lot of dough, you'd shop on Kings Highway.

I hope this reaches the right place to people who loved growing up there as I did. We got our clothes at May's Department store, and our shoes at either Thom Mc An or A. A real big deal was going to Alan Freed's Christmas Show at the Brooklyn Paramount.

I also had some friends from Seagate; Sheila Bierman, Naomi Kahn, Irma Freedman, Joan Mindlin, etc. Virginia Steiner [email protected] 20 I was born in the Coney Island Hopital, lived on Stillwell Ave until Luna Park burned down, moved to West 33rd Street across from PS 188, where I went to school. Kaplan was the principal of PS 188, and I can almost remember each of my teachers from first to sixth grade. , also Ethel Mcree who later sang with Ray Charles. As kids, we used to take our bikes on a sunday morning, ride the length of the Boardwalk, and venture out onto Ocean Parkway all the way to Prospect Park.

Who needed a vacation, we had the beach steps from our home. My 2 sisters, Jackie Frey & Michelle Frey (who married Barry Ostrie), and cousin Nanette Warley are now out in California, along with Lori Buckler (who I lusted for as a kid! We lived in Seagate at 3726 Lyme Ave, and our grandparents owned Surf Knishes on Surf Ave.

Who needed expensive entertainmen; we had the fireworks on Tuesday nights, while walking the boardwalk. I graduated Mark Twain in '59, (I survived having Kadish Millet and Margaret Lamm as home room teachers), and went to ALHS for a year, before moving to the Boston area.

Who needed fancy cuisine; we had Shatzkins and Nathan. I married an am now a widow, I have three wounderful children. I remember the Rosen Twins, the Sheier brothers, Sandra Gottlieb, Lisa Werner, Tony Werner, the Sulzbacker brothers, Marcelle Strickoff, Ronnie Zwickel, Sid Steigman, the Fortel sisters, Normie Peck, Joe Levy, Anthony Di Benedetto, Bart Friedman, Mike Barshak, Jerome Bravo,and Jane Shiffer (my first "love"). I recall eating at Carolinas, Lundys, the Huba Huba, and, of course Nathan's.

I would love to hear from someone who possibly remembers me from this period of time. I graduated Lincoln in June, 1951 and lived in Coney Island until 1955. I loved going to the freak show, the really creepy wax museum, and the Wonder Wheel.