Guys also worry they will look cheap if they don’t pick up the tab, but if they can’t afford this ritual 2-3 nights per week, it can get awkward.Still, Venmo makes it easy for people to get away with some bad dating behavior.

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But daters are starting to take advantage of this app, too.

Guys are inviting their dates out to dinner or drinks, paying for it initially, and then after the couple says their goodbyes at the end of the night, the guy sends a Venmo request to ask the girls to cover their half of the bill.

It’s a passive aggressive way of simply asking to split the check.

If you are a millennial, chances are you’ve heard of an app called Venmo, even if you haven’t downloaded it.

It’s a peer to peer app owned by Pay Pal that lets you split things like cab fares and utility bills, to make it easier to share expenses among roommates, family and friends.

But now, there’s a phenomenon reported by that claims Venmo is being used by stingy daters to get out of picking up the check.

When you have a Venmo account, it can be linked to a bank account or debit card, or you can keep money directly in your Venmo account to draw from (much like Pay Pal).

The guy gets to look good buy pretending to buy the drinks while he’s face to face with his date, but then he backs out as soon as she’s gone.

This is a good tactic for men who aren’t interested in a second date. The dates who are sent the Venmo request for payment can refuse to pay.

Money and dating has always been a sensitive topic in dating.

Many men wonder if it’s appropriate to ask to split the check, or if the woman should offer to go dutch.