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Already on display, this edgy and illuminating exhibition showcases the artwork of ten young Chinese artists and illustrates how global communication via social media is influencing local culture in China.

The exhibition was inspired by We Chat, an immensely popular Chinese mobile messaging app (picture a mash-up of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on a single app).

Despite strict control of mass media in China, We Chat has enabled global attitudes and perspectives to come in and influence local culture.

This new exhibition examines the outcome of these new influences, featuring a mix of Chinese artists who live in China and abroad.

The combined works show how digital global interaction transcends local culture.

The exhibit features the works of CHEN Wei, GUO Xi, JIN Shan, Pixy Yijun LIAO, LIU Chuang, LU Yang, MA Qiusha, SHI Zhiying, SUN Xun, and Bo WANG.

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