Chris Pels – Chris has been instrumental in the architecture, development, and implementation of a wide variety of business systems and databases as a technology consultant since 1986. He has extensive experience in business analysis, technical specifications, database design, several programming languages including C# and VB. Note: This post is part of a long-running series of posts covering the union of j Query and ASP. When it comes to lightweight client-side communication, I’ve noticed that many of you prefer ASP. In fact, page methods came up in the very first comment on my article about using j Query to consume ASMX web services.

In addition, event handlers for both success and error conditions are defined.

Another web services is then defined which accepts an argument and also returns a value.

A second ajax() call is defined that passes a value to the web service call and processes the return data.

Finally, the setup for global options and event handlers for ajax() method calls are discussed.

In this video Chris Pels shows how to make Ajax calls using the j Query library.

A sample web site is created that contains a simple web service which returns a value.

Next, the j Query ajax() method is used to call the web service.

A number of the ajax() method options are set including url, data Type, data, etc.

Given their popularity, I’d like to give them their due attention.