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Introduction and links to teh photos of African girls and models on this website On this website a desire to take photos has merged with love for Africa and an occasional wish to portray black African beauty.

Below you will find an index of some fashion and model photos.

Please note that the word "black" is in no way meant as an insult -and it isn't only meant to describe a colour of skin (which is obviously brown! In 'black girls' and African women I see hard work, motherhood, pride, grace, power and strength combined with charm, wit, intelligence and charisma.

This is what I hope to communicate through some of these images.

Globalisation is a fact and people are crossing borders. Important notice regarding the models on this site: Please note that is NOT a dating site. Do not copy the images, post them to other sites or try to use them for scams on net.

There seem to be a prejudice among some people that a black girl is "available" when she is posing for pictures. Most of the models featured here are married and they did not have their pictures taken because they are looking for a boyfriend. The aim of the photos on this site is to promote a general concept of African/black beauty -not to disgrace or disrespect people of any race or gender.

Miss Africa Denmark 2007 Miss Africa Denmark 2006 Newafrica fashion show South African fashion show Communicating through African fashion Black Hair Show in Copenhagen 2002 with Danish African models. Images from the show with dancers and singers from South Africa Maryann Zozo Brenda Carolyne Dolly Victoria (Kente fashion) June Emilie Emily More portrats of black models/african girls Copenhagen Carnival 2007 Copenhagen Carnival 2004 Copenhagen Carnival 2003 Copenhagen Carnival 2002 Get in touch if you are searching for models or photos for fashion photos (traditional or modern style), articles, features, magazines, posters or advertising.

Some of the pics are model photos while others are from fashion events, mainly in Copenhagen, Denmark.

One of the aims of this website is to contribute in making African/black people more visible in Europe and in Western culture in general.

Many Africans are now living in my country (Denmark) and in the rest of Europe, but their faces are still a relative rare sight in advertising, on magazine covers and other media.

Many black people have told me that they are still met with a disapproving stare by white people in the streets of Europe.