The con artists responsible for these acts target individuals through online dating websites, usually as a part of a wider money laundering operation.

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Strap on dating websites - African dating site scams

Before long, Laura was swept off her feet by this man and his messages professing his love and promising her the world…only he could just get to her.

You see, this dreamboat claimed to be a US citizen who was stuck overseas working on a new business venture in Nigeria.

With his smooth-talking ways and charm (all scripted material), this man explained that he needed to tie up a few loose ends with his business in order to travel back home.

” This lovely little treat is a con involving false romantic communication with a victim, usually via the medium of online dating sites.

Through claims of “undying love and devotion” with flowers and poetry, the orchestrators of these scams gain their victim’s affection and seek out their vulnerable qualities; then they strike.

Using tales of family tragedies, medical problems, and other hardships, the schemers will ask their victims to send money to help them in their time of financial crisis.The kind of fraud typically involved with a romance scam includes access to the victim’s money, bank accounts, credit cards, passports, email accounts, and other personal identification or financial information.For the most part, the majority of people signed up to online dating sites are just like you. However, there are also those out there who don’t have the right intentions.And I’m not just talking about those creeps sitting on their computers with a spouse and kids in the next room.Recently, many online daters have fallen victim to romance scams. Now not only do you have to watch out for your precious, fragile heart, but you have to watch out for your wallet as well.Anatomy of a Romance Scam: So you may be wondering, “What exactly is a romance scam?