I had already resigned myself to the fact that she would most likely have sex before she was married (a parent can dream, right?) and it looked like things were getting pretty serious with this particular guy, so I broached the subject with her and she said that they had not gone that far, . I noticed her confidence level rising, her grades were perfection, she had a great attitude not only towards me, but also towards her two younger sisters which, let’s face it, is not always the case.

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As a woman in her 30’s, having made it through adolescence, high school, young love and hasty decisions, a divorce, and also a couple of serious relationships, I can say with certainty that I have experienced a broken heart more than one time.

I felt it when my first serious boyfriend in high school kissed my friend and we broke up; I felt it when my dad decided he loved a much younger woman and walked out on us; and I felt it again as an adult when the man I fell in love with after my divorce ended our relationship for reasons that elude me to this day. I moved on, and I like to think that these experiences have made me stronger, more realistic, and less willing to put up with people who aren’t ever going to really show up for me.

Until recently, I thought that My daughter, nearly sixteen years old, and I have always maintained a close relationship with very strong communication skills.

I have told her many times that nothing is off limits for conversation and that I will always give her the facts and my opinion whenever she has a question.

His appearance wasn’t that bad; to me, all teenage boys have shaggy hair, bad skin, and dress a little weird these days. It wasn’t just the lack of employment that bothered me, it was his lack of motivation to do at all about it.

He was just over two years her senior, having recently turned eighteen and that was about it. He had lived with his grandparents since he was very young and they had pretty much given him a free ride, though that was quickly coming to an end, as they were growing tired of supporting him.

So, here I was: with a boy who my daughter is completely crazy about, but who brings nothing to the table that shows he’s responsible, dedicated, purposeful, or mature.

At no time during their relationship did I hear one single intelligent remark come out of his mouth.

As a matter of fact, the very first time he came to the house to meet me and I asked him if he had a job, his reply was that he was working on it, but had to wait a while because he had just gotten high the other day and wouldn’t be able to pass a drug test. However, my daughter had never been happier, so I tried to overlook his shortcomings and had some talks with her about the things he could do in order to be more successful.