While their expectation is that you will be thrilled when your older parent finds happiness in remarriage or has someone special in his life, it is seldom that simple.It could be that you have been protective of your parent, especially caring since he became a widower and are uncomfortable with someone else taking over your role.Or perhaps this new person is assuming the role of your much-loved deceased parent.

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Although the choice of mates is solely that of your parent, he will, naturally, be influenced by your opinion, suggestions, feeling and certainly your actions.

As such, be aware that the more accepting you are, the easier it will be to deal with the problems intrinsic in blending and re-blending families.

You can lessen the pain of assimilating new people into family gatherings, for example, by being welcoming and flexible, with a willingness to establish new family traditions.

Often there are financial or inheritance issues that can be sticky. Try to think of your new family members as more people to love you and your family as an extended support system.

Chances are that you grew up in a two-parent family, a mom and a dad.

Went to a local school, away to college, married, had children of your own.

And then, tragedy struck and your mother passed away, leaving your father a widower.

He has mourned his loss and, in time, while still embracing the memories of your mother, met someone new and fallen in love, ready once again to enjoy a full life, perhaps to even re-marry, and you find yourself exchanging parenting roles as you concerns are not unlike that of your parents when you dated, fell in love and eventually married.

With a life of your own and different priorities than when you were younger, consider what’s really important and allow the small things to fall by the wayside.