Alternatively, you may call FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 to report by telephone, download the paper form and either fax it to 1-800-FDA-0178 or mail it to the address shown at the bottom of page 3, or download the Med Watcher Mobile App for reporting LASIK problems to the FDA using a smart phone or tablet. Abstract PURPOSE: To compare the age at the time of cataract surgery in patients who have undergone microkeratome-assisted LASIK versus individuals matched for axial length, cataract grade, and visual acuity with no history of refractive surgery.

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Patients who have previously undergone RK or laser eye surgery may not be happy with their vision with these so-called "premium lenses".

The cataract surgeon may try to UPSELL you a premium lens to put more money in his pocket, but you may be happier with a conventional cataract lens.

If you developed early cataracts after LASIK, or if you experienced a bad outcome from cataract surgery due to prior LASIK surgery, you should file a Med Watch report with the FDA online.

Ironically, after LASIK the altered corneal surface causes inaccurate measurement of the intraocular lens power for cataract surgery.

This means that patients who have LASIK surgery and later develop cataracts may be right back in glasses after cataract surgery -- or worse, subjected to the inherent risks of multiple surgeries. Print this form (K-card) and have it completed by your LASIK surgeon, and then place it with your important records for safekeeping.

Do not delay, as medical records may be destroyed after five years in some states.

Read more about the importance of the K-card below. Request your LASIK medical records from the surgeon (alternatively, you can print this form (K-card), and have it completed by your LASIK surgeon) and take them with you to the cataract surgeon.

If you developed early cataracts after LASIK, are facing cataract surgery after LASIK, or experienced a poor outcome from cataract surgery after LASIK, you are invited to join the discussion on Face Book Most eye surgeries, including LASIK, carry risk of cataracts.

Anecdotal reports of cataracts shortly after LASIK, even in relatively young patients, suggest a cause and effect relationship.

Moreover, steriod drops routinely prescribed after LASIK may hasten the onset of cataracts.

Patients with signs of cataracts before LASIK should not have LASIK because vision may be corrected with the intraocular lens used for cataract surgery.