Contact information is available at the Services for Students with Disabilities website for main campus. SSD Kings is located in the Wemple Building, Room W157 for King's students.If you have already arranged academic accommodation with SSD, you may proceed to Step Two.

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You Tube Video Instructional Slides (.pdf) Note: You must speak to an SSD Counsellor for EACH course for which you are registered.

Every time you add a new course, you need to contact your SSD counsellor.

If you log in and do not see all the courses for which you would like accommodation, you MUST contact your SSD counsellor.

You must do this at the beginning of every term and also if you add/drop a course or if you change sections of a course. SSD is located in Room 4100 of the Western Student Services Building.

At the start of each term, you should refer to your course outlines to find out dates and times for tests in your courses and submit a request for each test or exam to Exam Services.

If you don’t know the dates of your tests or exams, ask your instructor.

While it is best to submit all your requests as soon as you have your course outlines, the deadline to submit exam requests is 10 days prior to the exam date.

All exam signup requests must be completed online as follows.

This will take you to an online form where you can submit test and exam dates for that course.

Once you have successfully submitted an exam date, you will see the exam date and time listed in green in the Exam Request Status Table on your main page.

You MUST submit a request for EACH test or exam that you want to arrange with Examination Services.