But it all changed when they reached their teenage years, when everything became 'bo-o-o-o-ring'... dh Can I borrow JJ to do my TBB Amazon link pumping, he is awesome! Started many years ago, developed the Jewish Orthodox market, worked his butt off to develop his readership, grew into doing seminars (which I never attended as the schedule never worked out for me....maybe one day, heck it took many years to attend BRT finally! To his credit, imho: Never pretended to be doing this to help friends and family for free as a hobby like so many BA blogs.

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I speak from experience, you're creating a monster!

My kids loved to travel until they become teenagers, my son could name every airplane model when he was 6 and wanted to become a pilot. Since my Mother (z'l) is no longer with us, my trips to Brooklyn are infrequent. If you'll excuse me, I have to get ready to go to shul/temple/synagogue. Temple meant church, and synagogue was one of those big fancy places.

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